Restorative Yoga Workshops

Restorative Yoga……….

Is amazing, by using blankets and pillows you can fully support your body so it feels safe to let go, this encourages your bodies own rest and restore system to kick in. The parasympathetic nervous system, this is your bodies system that repairs itself and takes away the stuff that is no longer needed. Often we use our sympathetic nervous system (this is the fight, flight or freeze one) in our daily lives and when we exercise, which is great for building muscle and strength but if you are finding that you are putting lots of effort in with little change it could be that you haven’t given yourself enough downtime that you need. Constant stress and anxiety can lead to adrenal failure. This is where the body has used all its fight, flight & freeze reserves. Even after resting you can still feel like you are running on empty and you don’t have energy like you used to.

These workshops are about helping you feel in your body different positions that are really beneficial. By bringing and using blankets, pillows and towels from home you have the stuff so you can do it yourself, whenever you like …………

You are your expert


Please contact me for more information and check out my facebook page for upcoming workshop locations and dates