In Primal Astrology I am a Panda,  I relate to the world primarily through how I feel and how things affect me. I started working with people with disabilities and their families in 1998. I really enjoyed getting to know people and finding elegant, simple strategies that work for them and the people around them.

Many years later…….. Cert III & IV in Disability Work, a Degree in Community Development, Honours in Public Policy & Management and other various trainings. I was becoming increasingly frustrated with changes in policies, staff, priorities etc… undermining great pieces of work. Where people with disabilities and their supporters worked so hard to make things happen, just to be knocked down by systems. I took a step back to find a better way.

Finally I set myself the task (I have been putting it off for nearly a year) of reading my thesis  Disability Policy in Australia and the United Kingdom: implications for people with learning disabilities. It was hard! It represented an incredibly emotional experience where I questioned everything I thought I knew. My spiritual awakening (to borrow Brene Brown’s words).

Reading the first chapter reminded me I love being around people with learning disabilities, I love their energy, the laughter and even the lessons they have taught me. And I love yoga.

My love for yoga wasn’t the instant kind I had like when I started working with people with disabilities. It was more of a love / hate relationship which kept drawing me back, but something didn’t quite sit right. Maybe the timing was off or I hadn’t met the right teacher. I wasn’t flexible and teachers kept trying to push me into poses that didn’t feel good. It all seemed too hard and I couldn’t see what all the fuss was about. Fast forward a few years, a couple of inspirational teachers, a deeper understanding and now I am trying to make a living out of sharing it with people.

I have been thinking for a while now about what value I bring to our world and how I can carve my place in it, authentically.

I hope by exploring what a yogic perspective can offer people with disabilities, it will help you and me.

Thank you x

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